Tristan Erwan Hascoet
Networking, National Institute of Applied Science in Lyon, France

"I would recommend anyone who is given the opportunity to enroll in this program to do so, for both the life experience in here, and the professional opportunity this internship represents."

Sudeepto Kahali
Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

"All in all, I felt that the trip was a great success. I not only did research, learnt a new Industry standard program (ANSYS), but I also got to travel around a beautiful country. I feel that my time here has been a very eye opening experience and I would not hesitate to say that I feel as if I have grown as a person during my short stay here."

Douglas Jin Kim
Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

"This internship has been a great experience for me especially in helping me discover what I want to do later in life. Having worked with humanoid robots for the internship, the experience of learning how to use C++ to program the DARwIn Open Platform system has kept me very inspired to stay with my mechanical engineering major and to keep my eye on robotics for the future…I thank AIM-HI and CCU for giving me this opportunity to confirm my career choice for the future as well as giving me the opportunity to visit a new place and experience a very different culture."

Mihir Gupta
Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay, India

"I had an enriching and learning experience at AIM-HI. The administrative support was very prompt even before the internship actually began and made the entire procedure highly simplified for the students. The work atmosphere here is quite cheerful and motivating. My mentor was always approachable and encouraging innovative solutions and independent ideas. I got a chance to explore the fields of engineering that I might like to take-up when I go for higher studies in the future."

Swee Lye Lee
Materials Engineering, University of Malaya, Malaysia

"This internship was very fulfilling because I had a chance to work in a researcher environment. I also gained some hands-on experience in laboratory techniques, experimental design, and the interpretation of results. This internship assists me in the clarification of my academic and career interests too. Thank you very much to AIM-HI for giving me this opportunity. I am willing o play as a role of ambassador of AIM-HI to promote this program to my friends and my university."

Hector Fernando Villatoro Flores
Management Science and Technology, Tohoku University, Japan

"In the academic aspect, I could apply my knowledge in electronics to support one of the researching teams of the laboratory I worked for. My work consisted in simulate and analyze one of the current feedback circuits designed as part of the project focused on the improvement of induction motor drive. The idea behind the researching works of the laboratory is interesting: they study and analyze the manufacturing market's products and then they try to improve those products with innovations."

Paulina Nela Sowik
Accounting and Financial Management, University of Lodz, Faculty of Management, Poland

"I really appreciate the support and understanding of my faculty mentor, Dr. Jack Huang Shi-Ming, as well as the supervision, helpfulness, and kindness of AIM-HI office team. I had a great time during all the lunch breaks with my lab mates. I am grateful for all their help, care, and cheerfulness. They were willing to help me at any time, whether it was about work or just buying swimming goggles…I like the people here, I like the nature, I like the hot weather, I like the food. I just don't like going back so fast. Time flies."