2019 AIM-HI Academic Research Program

AIM-HI Academic Research Program will take place during summer time. The prospective student may choose to start the program as early as May and to end as late as August. However, the students are expected to complete 8 weeks of academic research, at a chosen period agreed by faculty mentor. The students are recommended to indicate the project preference on the application form because placement will depend on the availability of a match between the applicant’s research interest and openings of an ongoing research project. The selected students then will be paired with both a faculty and a graduate student mentor to undertake research projects. The admitted students are expected to be present for the entire research period. The program details are as follow: 

  1. Report to AIM-HI and attend the orientation.
  2. Collaboration with faculty mentor, graduate students, and/or other undergraduate students on an ongoing research project.
  3. An opportunity to have free participation to the Elite Camp of AIM-HI for one week in July.
  4. Submit a written report and provide an oral presentation towards the end of the program.
  5. Attend the selected international conferences or international or international competitions if possible.

Important Dates

January 28th ★Last day to submit application
March around mid- March Admission result and Notification sent to applicants
May 15th Registration Date I
June  05th Registration Date II 
July 03th Registration Date III